Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Where is Sea Trail Located?
A: Sea Trail Resort is located in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, approximately 5 miles from the North Carolina/South Carolina State Line. The resort is approximately 1 ½ miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The Golf Package Office is not located on-site at Sea Trail. The Golf Package Office is approximately 20 minutes away on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


Sea Trail Resort
74A Clubhouse Road
Sunset Beach, NC 28468
Toll Free (800) 624-6601
Local (910) 287-1100


Seaside Golf Vacations
218 Main St.
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
Toll Free (800) 508-1204
Local (843) 282-2846

Q: What is the cancellation policy for a golf package?
A: Our goal is to provide you with an excellent golf vacation, and to keep you as a customer year after year. We do not like to charge cancellation fees, but our contracts with the property owners and golf courses obligate us to pay for reservations that are cancelled on short notice. We do not profit from cancellations, and we will always attempt to minimize cancellation fees for our customers. Cancellation charges will apply as follows for parties of 8 or less. The cancellation policy is more restrictive for groups of more than 8 – please call if you need more information.

Days Prior to Arrival Cancellation Fee (for groups of 8 or less)
31 Days or More No cancellation fee charged – a full refund will be given
15 to 30 Days $50.00 per person
14 Days or Less Up to 100% of the Package Price

If the customer does not pay the balance of the package price by the prescribed date, the Golf Package Office reserves the right to cancel the booking, and in such cases the customer will also forfeit all monies paid. Unused portions of the vacation are non-refundable. We will never cancel a package without attempting to contact the Group Leader.

Cancellation fees may differ for individuals who “drop out” of a group, as the “per person” price of the package may also change, thereby impacting the remaining members of the group (see “Golf Policies and FAQs”). These penalties will be determined on an individual basis after the Golf Package Office confers with the Group Leader.

Q: Where do we check-in?
ASea Trail Villas (ALP) will email check-in instructions to the Group Leader 7 days prior to arrival with the villa numbers, address/GPS information and electronic key codes. All villas have keyless entries so there is no need to check-in at the Sea Trail Office. The Group Leader will make the determination as to who will be in each villa, and is responsible for providing directions and electronic key codes to the members of the group

Q: What is the check-in time; what is the check-out time?
A: Check-in time is 4 PM. Check-out time is 10 AM. If a group is late to check out, an additional one day charge will be processed. REQUESTS FOR EARLY CHECK-IN MUST BE COORDINATED THROUGH Sea Trail Villas (ALP) within 5 days of arrival. If the request can be accommodated, the $50 fee/per villa shall be paid directly to Sea Trail Villas (ALP). LATE CHECK-OUTS ARE NOT PERMITTED.

QAre linens included with the lodging?
 AAll the villas come with linens and towels, but guest must bring their own towels or blankets for use at the pool or the beach. Removal of towels, sheets, blankets or bedspreads from the villa is not permitted and guest is responsible for damage or loss.

Q: Will the "Per Person" price of a package change if the original number of people changes?
A: The “per person” price of your golf package is likely to change if the number of people in your group changes. This is due to the lodging costs rather than the green fees and cart fees. Please contact the Golf Package Office to find out the impact of changing the number of people and the options for handling this change.

Q: Why is payment for a golf package due 21 days prior to arrival?
A: Prior payment is required to reserve discounted, quality tee-times and lodging in advance. It is really no different than when you make advance payment to a travel agent for a trip, or when you pay in advance for discounted airline reservations, or for advance tickets to a ball game. When we make tee-times and lodging arrangements on your behalf, we are obligated to other companies. Because these companies may not be able to re-sell their product if you decide to cancel on short notice, they will charge us whether or not you use your lodging and tee-times. In addition, we believe it is reasonable to expect all members of your group to be committed to the trip at least 21 days prior to your arrival.

Q: Is it possible to add an extra night of lodging?
A: Contact the Golf Package Office immediately if you would like to arrange an extra night of lodging at the package rate. Availability of additional lodging and associated costs may vary.

Q: What if there is a frost delay?
A: Walking on frost will kill the grass so courses will delay the start of play until it is gone. In cases of a frost delay, your tee time is usually moved back in sequence. If you cannot play all 18 holes, you may ask the course for a rain check (usually 9 hole rain checks are issued if you play less then 14 holes), or you may ask us to try to reschedule your tee-time. Issuing rain checks is at the discretion of the course

Q: What if there is bad weather?
A: If weather should cause the course to close, and the course does not charge the Golf Package Office, we will refund the entire amount for the round. If you’ve already started play and the weather turns bad, the course, at its discretion, may refund some or all of the charges or issue a rain check but you must go to the Pro Shop to determine what they will do. If you are due a refund, the Golf Package Office will send the refunded amount to you after the course has refunded the Golf Package Office. Rain checks can be used on future packages.

Q: What happens if a group misses their tee time?
A: Even if you are only slightly late, you will probably not be able to play your round. Almost all courses double tee, front and back. The first tee-time is around 7:00 a.m., and last morning tee-time is 9:30 a.m. or so; then the course is full on all 18 holes and there is no way they can put a latecomer on. The rare case is a course that single tees - they might be able to get you out. If you notify the Golf Package Office prior to your tee time, we will do our best to reschedule your tee-time or get you a rain check that you may use in the future. There are no refunds for missed tee times.

Q: Can tee times be changed?
A: All requests for tee-time changes must be coordinated through the Golf Package Office. The Golf Package Office will do whatever is possible to change your tee times, but changes are subject to availability and may result in an increase in the price of your golf package.

Q: What is the dress code?
A: All courses require non-metal spikes and proper golf attire, i.e., collared shirts for men and NO jeans, denim or tee shirts. Golf sandals are acceptable.

Q: Are personal coolers permitted?
A: Personal coolers are not permitted on the golf courses.

Q: Is walking permitted?
A: All golfers must take an electric golf cart. Golfers are not permitted to carry their clubs or pull a cart.

Q: Can a non-golfer ride in the cart?
A: If a non-golfer wishes to ride in a cart and join friends or family on the course, the Pro Shop may charge a cart fee for the non-golfer. If an additional cart is required as a result of the non-golfer joining a group of two or four golfers, the non-golfer will probably be charged. If an additional cart is not required because the non-golfer is joining a single golfer or a threesome, the Pro Shop might not charge a fee. Charges for cart fees are solely at the discretion of the Pro Shop staff.

After-hours Emergency Contact Numbers For the Golf Package Office

Local: (843) 467-6057
Toll Free: (866) 701-3946